Fierce, stubborn, determined. 

She set the example: have an opinion, defend it to the end, never swayed by others, staying fixed it your approach and your direction. 

Even with the smallest things, make sure they’re true to you. The most insignificant becomes the most important when you take control and shape it to your own will. 

Let the ones around you know where they stand, let them know how you feel, let them know what they mean. A mutual understanding builds a foundation that isn’t cracked under the tension of differing opinions. 

Make the best of a bad situation. Never let a dull day take the smile off your face, never let the fear of your last breathe stop you from taking your next step, never let a dark room hide the sunshine inside. 



One word. Thirteen letters. She can feel them cascading, tripping off her tongue as she sounds each syllable. She feels it double into twenty-six years. Feels it fold itself into her being. Comfortable in her discomfort. Face value. Face blind. Facial confusion of her own doing. Knowing not whether to smile, to frown, to turn and run or stay. Undeniable. Indelible. But not ineffaceable. A wearing past that sets in stone the path of her present. Predicting her future in precision and panic. Stay. A mental note. A silent command. A wish for still, for pause. A sea of faces surrounding her, surging past like waves withdrawing. Each forgotten as quickly as the glance that brushes over their features. Her future panic becoming a present. An anxiety wrapped, it’s bow tight to her skin. Under her skin. Not quite butterflies. Nothing as beautiful. The wings of a moth flapping in the wind as moments fly past. As windows fly past. Insight into a person’s soul. She catches a face, ghostly and shear. A sliver of sense shows but recognition hides. She stares but it never comes. A sound. A saving grace, an audible signature, a radio head. She feels her eyelashes, a brush along the top of her cheek. A wish to live a life with eyes blind. A clean slate. A life lived through her ears, to let noise drown out disquiet. She moves her lips. She watches as the ghost copies. Watches as it shapes each syllable, returns all five. A mouth’s momentum. As one word, thirteen letters, trips out of her own reflection, to fall between her two halves.

Quote of the Day


Life’s true balancing act is held between perseverance during long term projects and enjoyment in taking each moment as they come, filling our thoughts with gratitude for what we have and reminding ourselves of the fact that everything in life is long term- our work, our family, our relationships, our health- and that putting in the work, persevering, is it’s own short term reward. 

Writing: Alone and Together

We write because we know that words hold the greatest power.  To make a promise. To hold someone to their word. To connect to another person. To show your heart, your fears, your anger, your joy. The resonance of their sound, alone and together.
A single word can change your mind, set your heart racing, strike a deep wound. A single sentence can widen your perspective, give a deeper meaning, change an outcome. A single book can change a life, save a life, fill a life.
As you write, don’t write as if no one will read it. Write as if the whole world will read it. Words have power; and that power, it comes from the feelings we place behind them. Each word means something. Don’t be afraid to put your heart into your words. Don’t let fear dictate your writing. Tell the world what fills your heart. Even if it’s only a single reader, the heart you put in is the feeling they get out. And that’s all a writer can ask for. A single connection.